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Foundation is probably my personal favorite for auctions (both buying and selling). They recently integrated Manifold Smart Contracts (though their file size is 50MB). All of my Foundation Specific Tutorials can be found here:

Foundation recently added collections, each collection is actually your custom smart contract (meaning that you pick the token symbol, and on other platforms this will show as your own unique Collection).

This also means, that if Foundation were ever to disappear, you could still mint new NFTS through that same smart contract without foundation.

The following Tutorials Will Show You:

  • How to Mint Your Custom Smart Contract Via Foundation

  • How to List your NFT deployed via Manifold on Foundation

  • How to List your FDN NFT for Auction or Buy it Now

  • How to Prepare Metadata to Mint Your FDN NFT without using the FDN website

  • How to Mint an NFT on Your FDN Smart Contract via EtherScan

How to Mint On Foundation & Create Your Own Custom Smart Contract

if you need to see how to set up your account for the first time, watch the next video starting at 1:39.

Start at 1:59 if you want to see the process of Setting up your Foundation Account. (This video Also goes through the process of Listing your Manifold.XYZ smart contracts on Foundation).

You can list your NFTs for Sale or Auction. Auctions take place in WETH. If you list your NFT for auction, it will be sent to an Auction contract, meaning it will not be in YOUR wallet once it is listed. While you cannot edit your Foundation NFTS once they have been Minted, you can change your listing prices, but this will require Gas.

How To Sell NFTS on FDN, List vs Buy it Now:

How to Upload MetaData To IPFS With Pinata


This tutorial is formatted for FDN specifically, (they use folders so I did it that way too). Make sure your art file is named nft.png if its a png nft.mp4 if it's an mp4, etc!)

However, this process is similar for every NFT.

IPFS gateway:

I make my JSONs in Atom, if you have a Mac, here is an online JSON editor that you can use:


"name": "Token Name.",

"description": "This is your token description",

"image": "ipfs://youtokenCID"


make sure to save this as metadata.json

Once Your Metadata is Prepared, you will use to Mint Your NFT, and you can List it Anywhere!

The NFTS I Minted For these Tutorials Can be Found On My Foundation Page for a .1 Reserve :)


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