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Please reach out for any collaboration requests or work inquiries! For questions about any of my tutorials, feel free to comment on socials and I will get back ASAP.  Please keep all social comments on the JENFTEACH account. I will NEVER DM you.  I also frequent Twitter Spaces, from either JENFTEACH or my personal twitter @adultarts 


I always want education & information to be accessible, that said, I put a ton of time and energy into these guides. If you are in a place to do so, you can either send ETH to Jenfteach.eth, or support my tutorial assets  (Currently have 2 pieces with a .1 reserve on FDN)

I have had alot of people ask for my venmo/paypal to pay me in fiat. I not use these, but I have created a Buy Me a Coffee, (or in my case a redbull) 

I also have a level that includes 1/1 calls, because of the volume of requests I get, if you have a time sensitive question, this is the only way to guarantee I have time for a 1/1 call. Some use-cases for "Main Net" level include:


  • You are starting a Generative project and you do not know where to begin. 

  • You are about to launch a Generative Project and you want to make sure you have everything ready to go (there are many common mistakes that are easily avoidable for launches)

  • You want help minting your first NFT 

  • You want to explore use cases for adding NFTs to your business

  • You want me to look at your Platform/Tech to potentially add to my guide or make tutorials on.

Thanks for submitting!
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