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Who Am I and What Can We Do? 

In January 2021, I was first introduced to the blockchain, NFTs, and the magic of WebThree in the context of how I could use this for my personal work. After over a decade in the music industry, managing DJs, running record labels, and producing creative content, I immediately saw how this technology could truly empower artists, that is, if artists understood it before the industry just copied and pasted record labels on the blockchain. As many things sounded too good to be true, I jumped down the rabbit hole, and went from having 0 tech background to deploying multiple projects on chain. I have worked with many in this space, from Independant artists to large brands, and have many PFP projects under my belt, wearing many hats in all. While my background is in Managing Artists, building brands and expanding business opportunities for creatives, I now have a unique perspective in understanding this technology, and being able to communicate with both devs, and those with no traditional background. I eat sleep and breathe NFTs, and spend all of my time participating in this space as both a creator and a collector! 

I do offer paid consulting services, and specialize in:

  • NFT / Web3 Culture

  • Strategy/Marketing 

  • Creating Educational Content (for internal or external communication). 

  • Educating Web2 Teams & helping to find Web3 Tie-ins

  • Discord creation / strategy

  • Community Strategy 

  • Generative Projects - (and helping find the right dev team)

  • Building Web3 Teams

I participate in Many Public Twitter Spaces, and am available in Discord if you own a MySnake or GoblinGrlz. I love projects that empower creators & truly have the ethos of Web3 and community at heart. Please see the Contact Page to get in Touch! 

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