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How to Setup Your Account & Deploy your First Contract On Manifold XYZ + HOW TO LIST AUCTIONS ON GALLERY, THE MARKETPLACE THAT TAKES 0% FEES!

What you need:

  • Your Token Symbol

  • Your Contract Name

  • Your ASCII ART

  • What Kind of Contract you want to deploy

  • Test Eth on Goerli

If you are still confused on any of the items above, follow along for the Testnet part of the tutorial. The process is the same for ERC1155's and ERC721's.

ASCII art is just a way of customizing your contract even further. You will need to copy and paste your art from a browser site

If you have never used Testnet before, make sure you are set up first, here is a quick video to walk you through the process.

** THIS WAS FOR RINKEBY (but is still a good overview of test ETH. POST MERGE YOU WILL BE USING GOERLI***


Now It is time to set up your account for the first time and deploy your Manifold ERC-721 Contract. I recommend this video if you are super new. (I will have an ERC-1155 Video soon, that will have less commentary!

You will be able to use this contract for individual pieces of art for your entire career in NFTS.

So next you will need to deploy a token on your ERC721 Contract (this can also be used if you have done all of this the first time but want to go back and mint an additional NFT on the same contract) ...

in simpler terms - how to upload your art and MINT your NFT....

This Video also shows you how to list your NFT on Foundation, however, you can list it on any platform of your choice.

Manifold has many other amazing tools, my personal favorite is the option is the ability to make a free claim page! To do so, you will need:

  • A previously deployed Contract

  • Art

  • The rules you want to set (options explained in the video, this may include needing a snapshot/csv)

  • a 16 x 9 image

Some things to note about claim pages

  • you can't edit your rules once you make your claim page live.

  • Also an extra token is minted to your wallet

  • In hindsight I should have put my own address with the full claim amount as well, (as I did my claim page for a specified group of people but did not warn them, and a few had compromised wallets that they no longer had access too, so that I could claim + airdrop!)


THIS IS GAME CHANGING, and will be updated post spaces where the manifold team is joining us. BUT NOW YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN AUCTION LISTING with 0% MARKETPLACE FEES, unless someone uses a referral link, which then they will get 6.9%!!!

In this video I allude to some things that are not possible to change ATM, but @richerd will be joining us & has made it clear that there is alot more customization possible!!!

*his thread is here**


LMK anything else you need, the manifold documentation is super straight forward!!!


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