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In the spirit of the blockchain, I believe that education should never be gatekept. If you are new to NFT's, welcome, you have made it to the right place. My "NFTs For Dummy's" Guide had over 300,000 visits, but it was time for a much needed update. The Ultimate Guide for NFTs is where I would suggest starting, take your time, be safe, and have fun! If you have further questions, please see the Contact Page, and if you have benefitted from this information at all please pay it forward. I have spent every waking hour immersed in this space since Jan 2021, and I made this because when I was getting started I need it. My aim is to always keep educational materials free, so any shares on socials / subscribing to my channels helps a lot. If you are in a place where support is possible consider sending eth to jenfteach.eth or buying me a redbull :) 

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